Just as there are billions of people on the earth, there are equally as many ways to live and nurture yourself and the environment around you. I personally believe that you have to beat the drum of your own personal band; find your inner voice and the truth that comes from within. If we each tap into our own power and happiness, we give love and happiness to another.

In the words of Amy Carmichael "A single drop of bitterness cannot spill out of a cup overflowing with sweet water" May you find your own sweet water and nourish your soul so it fills with love and spills into the world around you.


My Story

As a mom of 3 full grown kids, step(ish as they like to say) mom to 2 boys still in their youth, a partner, employee and volunteer - I had lost who I was as a woman in this world. Longing for healthier choices and a desire to wake up energized and full of life.  After a meditative Labyrinth walk, I had decided where I wanted the next 20-50 years to take me.  This is my journey. I hope it inspires you, makes you feel less alone in your struggles and let's you know that you can find and live your dream at any age!

Next Steps...

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