When your day doesn’t go as planned…..

Let me tell you about my Friday. Actually let me start by telling you about my plan.  My overarching plan is to live a much more holistic life than I currently do. Moving away from the busy, go go go of life and into a more sane, yoga centered calm. I want to be present in a healing center of myself and the world around me at all times.  The big “I have made it” end goal – but really there’s never truly an end to a life goal is there? – is to open a wellness center in Montana. More about that later….

However, because I have not reconciled my life with my goals, my days are often off kilter.  Let me explain – I live kinda far away from where I work and my center of my existence truly is.  This morning all I wanted was to take the ferry into West Seattle. This is beautiful, reduces road rage and offers an incredibly beautiful sight of the PNW.  This starts my day with calm, the smell of the salt sea air and the breathtaking mountains. I can conquer anything – truly ANYTHING – after a ferry ride.  It all went haywire when I forgot I wanted to take the ferry and went the wrong way.  Why not just turn around you ask? Well because the wrong way is 30 miles!!! Meaning a huge waste of time and gas and missing the intended ferry. So instead I puddles through traffic, resetting my mindset.

Today is still a good day and it’s all alright.

I was a few minutes late in arriving to my destination because I chose to swing by Alki and take in the gorgeous skyline on a beautiful (and rare this season) sunny morning.  I head to volunteering where I enjoy a nice cup of hot tea and wonderful people. The day is splendid. Until I leave. When I leave to head to run errands, I am cat called and probably in the worst and most aggressive way I have been in a very, very long time.  I am ignoring it but furious inside.  I mention this because in just a few moments I will run into a friend and old co-worker and I will be a complete and total ass to him because of this cat calling experience.  We laughed it off – sort of.

My plan for the day was (yes – again) take the ferry, volunteer, run errands, have a quick business meeting and then head to yoga. Plan thwarted! I won’t go into too  much more detail I’m going to end this day with getting a court date for a potential ticket because my registration and insurance card are missing from my car. Weird, right? You know what you think about while you’re waiting on the side of the road for a ticket? Your life and how to balance it!

What’s the point of this post? Partly to rant and partly to let you know that I know that life is sometimes messy, and ugly, and uncomfortable to talk about.  Yet we ALL have these moments.  We rarely talk about them and I can guarantee you that they don’t get posted on Instagram.  Why? We live in a society that has enabled and encouraged us to all be shiny, perfect , happy people.  We don’t want to the be the one who’s a mess.  We want to be envied.  It is OK if you are in a season of life that is messy.   If you can’t find your keys, gorge on fast food or are sleeping for the 3rd night in a down on a bed with no sheets (not that I’ve ever done any of these wink wink).  The point is to not let this moment define you. Start over. Do better. Ask for help. Share your struggles. Be real and honest and messy and beautiful.  We all are – some just hide it better than others. Lots of Love and Light! Xo Steph



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